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How to save a Youtube video from home


How to install Realplayer and save YouTube videos

(remember this will NOT work at school, only from home)


1.      Go to "", download and install Real Player (Free version)


2.     After the installation is complete, once you go to youtube (or any other website with videos) there should pop up an Icon that says "Download this video" on top of the videos right corner when you roll over your mouse over the video.(If not, try restarting your browser, or your browser isn't compatible with the latest version of Real Player, Internet Explorer 8.0 should be compatible, though.)



3.      Press the button that says "Download this video". "Real Player Downloader" will eventually pop up. Wait for the video to be downloaded. (You can choose where your video shall be saved, but the pre-set directory should be My Documents>My Videos)


4.      Now you have the video downloaded on your computer, but as you may notice, the video is saved as a .flv file.

***Browse to the folder where you saved your videos at and copy them to a flash drive to take them back to use in your classroom.***

  On your classroom computer Go to "", download and install Real Player (Free version). So that you will be able to play the file you copied from your home computer.

  Once you double click the video file that you saved, Real player should automatically open and play the selected file.


Created 12/08/2011 - Josh Thurston

Updated 01/02/2011 - Josh Thurston, changed "convert" step.

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