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Attachments in Geneva County Mail will not open in Internet Explorer 9


Users with Internet Explorer 9 have reported that attachments in email will often not open. It appears there is no permenent fix for this issue, but I have figured out two different "work arounds" that should allow the attachment to be viewed and opened:


Work around 1: 

Open IE and log into your email. Open an email with an attachment, but instead of clicking the "download" link for it, instead click the "view" link. This will open a seperate tab in your browser. In this tab up towards the top, click the "Download Original" button. This will usually either give you a "page cannot be displayed" page, or it will infact download the attachment. If you get the "page cannot be displayed" message, close this tab. Now, the download link will work normally in your email UNTIL YOU CLOSE THE INTERNET EXPLORER WINDOW. This means that if you leave your email open all day you will only need to do this one time per day to make your email work normally.


Work around 2:

Instead of clicking the attachment "download" link, RIGHT click it, and then LEFT click "open in new tab." This will make the download bar pop up at the bottom of the page as it normally does. You will need to do this for each attachment you wish to download.

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