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DVD movies will not play on my computer.


This article assumes you actually have a DVD drive in your computer, and not a CD only drive. If you look on the front of the tray (the part you put the disc on) it will say DVD on a drive that is in fact an actual DVD player. If it does not say DVD, then you most likely have a CD drive and cannot play DVDs.

Assuming that you have a working DVD drive, the most common problem is that there is either no DVD player software installed, or you are receiving an error saying that the content is protected or copy-protected. One error message that I have seen is: 

PowerDVD is unable to play the DVD you have inserted because its content is protected.

To work around this issue, you may download the VLC player attached to this knowledgebase article. 

Installation of this and most programs are geared to the end user, so it should be relatively straight forward on what you need to do to install this (double click the file after you download it, click "next, next, next" etc.

After you have the program installed, go to my computer, then RIGHT click on your DVD drive (with movie inserted) and LEFT click on "Play with VLC Player" and the movie should start.

vlc-2.0.4-win32.exe vlc-2.0.4-win32.exe

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