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How do I know if I need to send in a work order?


Technology Work Order Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if I need to send in a work order or not? If you have anything at all that you need technology to take care of for you, or look at for you, or answer for you, you need to send in a work order. Even if you just have a quick question, need a quote, or anything else that the Technology Department needs to tend to you will need to submit a work order.

2. I’m not sure if my problem requires a work order or not, what do I do? You need to send in a work order. If it turns out that it didn’t need to be sent in, we will close it. If you don’t send it in, we’ll never know to work on it.

3. But I’m a principal/counselor/teacher/career tech director/minister/vice-president/foreign diplomat/media specialist/etc/etc/etc…do I still need to send you a work order or do I get some kind of special treatment? Yes, you still need to send in a work order. And we give everyone special treatment. :) 

4. If I see you in the hall, do I need to send in a work order? Yes, you need to send in a work order. Without someone having sent in a work order, chances are you would not have seen us in the hall in the first place, so if you see us, and you didn’t send in a work order, we're not there to see you anyway. Grabbing us in the hall is just taking time away from someone else that actually followed proper procedures.

5. I just have a “quick question,” do I still need to send in a work order? Yes, you need to send in a work order. There is even a special category on the work order form for “quick questions.” It is one of the most popular categories.

6. If I do send in a work order, do I still need to grab you when I see you to let you know that I sent in a work order and tell you everything the work order says? No, you don’t need to do that. We will be able to understand everything you put in the work order. We’ll come grab you if we need you when we get to your work order. Please be as descriptive as possible when you submit your work order...saying "My computer doesn't work" does not really give us any clues to go on. Use descriptive words and note any error messages, error lights, beeps, or other things that may help us help you with your computer or technology issue.

7. If I send in a work order, do i need to email you and tell you that I put a work order in? When you send a work order using the work order sytem, it sends you an email confirming your work order submission, and it also sends everyone in the technology department an email letting them know that a new work order has been submitted, so just following the proper procedures and using the work order website will actually send SEVERAL emails concerning your issue automatically. So no, you do not need to email saying you sent in a work order.

8. If I see you at my school, do I need to tell you “I was going to send in a work order but I didn’t…?” No, you do not need to tell us that. You actually need to put in a work order.

9. What if I just need a quote or price on something? What do I do then? Yes, believe it or not, we even have a special category on the work order system for quotes! When you send your quote request through the work order system, we will attach your quote to your work order when we get it. This will allow you to come back to your work order at anytime in the future and get your quote again should you need the same thing, and it also allows us to use your quote for others wanting the same item. 

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