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How do I uninstall the x300 software and drivers?


After going to the Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, and removing any and all x300/nComputing/4N1 related software:

1. Right Click on My Computer, click on Properties

2. Click the “Hardware” tab, then “Device Manager” button

3. Expand Multifunction Adapters, right-click on X300 Bus Enumerator and select uninstall.

4. Expand Video adapter right-click on each of the X300 Video drivers and select uninstall.

5. Navigate to C:/Program Files/Common Files/NComputer and delete the folder.

6. Navigate to C:/Windows and remove file: 07110250.bin

7. Navigate to C:/Windows/system32

8. Remove all X300 files (X300Bus.sys ; X300D.000 ; X300D.dll)

9. Remove files: oembios.bin ; oemebios.bin ; oembios.sig ; oembios.dat

10. Navigate to C:/Windows/system32/drivers and remove all X300 files (X300bus.sys, X300M.sys, X3HAudio.sys)

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