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Why can't I stream my favorite radio station or listen to my online itunes?


First, we are not ogres. We don't want to deny anyone listening to the radio while they are at work (as long as it doesn't take away from the job at hand), but listening to online streaming radio is NOT like listening to a stand alone radio...please keep reading...

When you tune in your home radio or car radio to a particular radio station, you do not effect any other people that may be listening to their radios. Everyone has a seperate "connection" that just picks up signals that are in the air all around us.

Streaming online radio stations is a different thing altogether. Our internet connection is like a big water hose, and only a certain amount of "water" (in our case, data) can pass through this connection at one time. If you listen to online radio stations, it's like turning on a hose, and letting the water run out the entire time you're listening. While one or two people doing this may not effect things too much, if we open it for one we have to open it up for everyone (because you are all special to us!). As you can imagine, if everyone on the network turned on an open water faucet at the same time, everyone would quickly run out of water as the main water pipe coming in can only allow so much to flow at one time.

This is a very simple analagy, but our internet bandwidth really does work in much the same way as a water pipe. We get a finate amount of traffic (50Mb for our entire school system for you geeks) that must be shared by every computer in the district. It would only take a few people streaming audio to quickly effect the on task and educational applications of others. 

Simply put, no one EVER complains that our network is "too fast" and removing unneeded and off task usage is the best way of keeping it running as quickly and smoothly for everyone as we can.

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