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Computer hanging when installing Windows update


SYMPTOM: The computer has a screen on it that says "Configuring Windows updates, 12% complete. Do not turn off your computer" and "it won't let you" log into it.

This is a fairly common problem caused by one particular Windows Update. Seeing this message does NOT mean that your computer "is going to die" or that you need a new computer. There is a very simple fix for this issue that may be completed by following the following instructions. 



1) Wait for the computer to finish what it is doing. This may require several minutes, and it may go through multiple reboots all of which appear to result in it hanging again. Have patience and wait and your computer will allow you to access windows to complete these steps.

2) After your computer boots up and you are able to log into windows, log in with your teacher username and password.

3) Once you are logged in, click start, All Programs, and Windows Update. This will open the Windows Update window.

4) In this window, click "Check for Updates" on the left side and wait for it to finish checking for updates. This may take a few minutes, and again this is normal and doesn't mean anything is dying or needs replacing.

5) After the update check has finished, look on the list of updates for one that is named "Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB3110329)". Some of these updates will look similiar, but be sure you have found this specific one with THIS EXACT KB NUMBER.

6) After you have located update number KB3110329, LEFT click it ONE time to highlite it, then RIGHT click on it, and LEFT click "Hide Update". This will prevent this update from being installed and should prevent your computer from hanging on Windows Updates.

You may now either click "install" and manually install any updates available to you, or you may close this window and your computer should automatically install them the next time it automatically checks. I would recommend that you manually install them while you are here.


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